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Nepal is a sovereign self-governing Kingdom, flanked by 80 degree 12’ east longitude and 26 degree 22’ and 30 degree 27’ north latitude.  It is surrounded on the north by the Tibet autonomous region of the people’s republic of China, on the east by Sikkim and west Bengal of the Indian union on  the south by Indian states of Bihar and Utter Pradesh and west by also the  Utter Pradesh of Indian Union. The east west length of Nepal is 885 kilometers and its breath varies from 145 to 241 Kilometers north- south. Climatically, it lies in the temperate zone with the added advantage of altitude.

How Nepal is fascinating country?
The Land of huge Himalayas, time – worn temples and some of  the top trekking purpose on the earth also Nepal is reach in scenic splendor  and exotic traditions and cultures   races

Through they speak a combination of tongues and put into practice dissimilar religion; they are the friendliest people that you would ever meet.  The Nepal Kingdom has long exerted a pull on the western imagination and it’s a tricky place to dislodge from your reminiscence once you return so wait until you’re actually here in Nepal

As a traveler there is never-ending number of surprises Nepal has to offer you. Kathmandu valley with its thousands of Hindu temples, Buddhist Stupas, gigantic Himalayas hardly can found beyond the planet.

Around Kathmandu, It’s an additional world altogether most traveler to Nepal want to check out the truly impressive Himalayas along with higher hills. A few go there so scale the High Mountains, but many are environment  lovers who trek along landscapes filled with deep valleys, lush jungles, snow  rails, terraced fields, and above all the most welcoming citizens.

All foreign nationals except Indian Nationalities need visa to enter Nepal. Which costs $ 40 and valid passport and two passport size photos are required.

Where do I apply to get my visa?
The best way to apply for visa is from the Nepalese diplomatic missions in your home country. The other choice is to get it from immigration office at the entry points of Nepal. You also can manage your Nepal visa on arrival in Kathmandu airport.

How to Enter Nepal?
In order to fly directly to Nepal from your home country,  Tribhuvan International  Airport (TIA) in  Kathmandu is the only international airport in Nepal.TIA has direct air link  with Osaka. Shanghai. London, Frankfurt, Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta. Lufthansa, Royal Nepal Airlines (RNAC), Air India,  Singapore Airlines, Thai are the airlines that carry most of the foreign  travelers into Kathmandu; and if you buy tickets from ant other airlines, you  will probably attach with one of these airlines for the final leg of your  flight. Alternatively, if you have time and enthusiasm, travelling overland to Nepal via India is an option. British overland travel operators can take you  from London to Kathmandu on a six to eighteen week trip for anywhere between $  1200 to $2500 depending upon to Nature of your trip.

Language of Nepal
Nepali is national language of Nepal. It is written in Devnagari script. Same script as Hindi, Nepali is also official language of Nepal.  There is more than 72 dissimilar language spoken in various6ktr` part of Nepal

What is the currency of Nepal?
Nepalese currency is spelled as Nepalese rupees or Rupee (RS) or Nepali Rupee and in short it is written NRS or RS 100 paisa is equals 1 Rs. at present notes of the fallowing denominations are used:  1000, 500, 100, 50, 25, 20, 10, 5, 2, & 1 rupees. Coin hasn’t been popular in Nepal and hence is almost always ignored in business. The fallowing coins can be found in Nepal: 1 Paisa, 5 paisa, 50 paisa, 10 paisa, 1 Rs, 2 Rs and 5 Rs. It is recommended that you travel with smaller money notes in less populated area while large notes are with no trouble conventional elsewhere.

Withdraw & payment facilities in Nepal
The major city Kathmandu and Pokhara where the ATM is easily available, International credit cards, (Master and Visa card) are also accepted in all leading hotels, trekking and tour agencies, Hotels, shopping complex, bars and restaurants.

Best Time to travel in Nepal
The weather is probably the best guide for deciding when to go in Nepal. Mainly March, April, May- September, October and November is the best time to travel in Nepal for trekking and tours.

However June-July also the best time for Upper Mustang and Dolpo trekking – Mid June to early October is monsoon season and December to February is winter season. It will be too cold around the Himalayas..

Common Greetings words
The main common greetings word in Nepal is Namaste or Namaskar. You can say the greeting in words as well as do it using gesture.  Join your palms and bring the close to your chest and about 5 to 7 inches below your chin. The word Namaste has many meanings such as a Hello, How are you?  Glad to see you, Nice to meet you, Good morning etc… Namaste means also kind of respect.

What are some Basic Nepali customs that you should know about?

  • Take off your shoes before you enter the temples, Stupas, or someone’s home
  • Ask for permission before entering Hindu temple.
  • Taking pictures in most of the temples are not allowed.
  • Take permission to take photographs of Nepali people.
  • Nepali people are friendly by nature so you also are friendly during your travel.
  • Respect the older and love the younger

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