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Still the whole world does not know how safety to travel and doing trekking in Nepal. Especially for solo women travelers it is matter of their safety, concerning that, Adventure Discovery use to manage lady travel and trekking guide all around the Nepal Himalayas.

It is done due to the proper and for systematic safety for those travelers who feel insecure in traveling due to male dominating society. Of course it’s safe to travel to Nepal but some how it come some traveler’s mind that they would feel easier to travel with lady guide.

Every one knows the thoughts of traveling does not appear only one some age factor, it used to come on people of any age group weather they are teenagers, adult or older  so Adventure Discovery Treks use to make program which suits for all these age factors.

Nepal also a country where mainly man gets more opportunities in every sector so that we are providing chance to live and settle their life themselves for those women how is willing to do something. For few years it seems effective in Nepal. Our goal has been improving and going on….

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