Bhutan at Glance

The small kingdom Bhutan lies between Tibet and India with massive and charming Himalayas. The country Bhutan accepted as a gradually more famous one of the earth’s last valuable untouched spot. The supernatural place Bhutan with a whole Buddhist culture is incorporated into every feature of everyday living.

Bhutan’s good-looking Mountain View offers a backdrop to unspoiled jungles and outstanding valleys. The magnificent countryside is scattered with waving prayer flags, multi-colored farmhouses amidst the terraced fields and remarkable monasteries clinging to unfeasible cliffs.

The residents themselves call this “Druk Yul” the land of calm dragon. The kingdom’s low people and its shrewd and psychic management have pushed Bhutan into the 21st century with much of it usual unbroken and its exceptional civilization unmixed.

Longitude 88 45’ and 92 10’ East
Latitude 26 45’ and 28 15’ North

Total area: 46,000 Square Kilometers
150 kilometers North to South
300 Kilometers West to East

Bhutan can be categorized into three chief geographic areas from North to South – Themassive Himalayas of high Himalayas, Foot hill in middle and plains of the south
– Jungle area – 72.5 % of the Total land
–  Cultivated area – 7.8 % of land
– Height above 100 meters than sea level in the south and over 7,500 meters in the north.

There are 3 dissimilar climatic areas – South part id hot and humid climate, the north part of Bhutan has severe alpine climate and under snow at all time. And middle Bhutan is with cool temperature.

Natural recourses
Minerals: Dolomite, Limestone, Gypsum, Coal, Talc, Marble, Zinc, Lead, Copper, Tungsten, Quartzite
Crops: Rice, Maize, Wheat, Potato, Millet, Buckwheat, Orange, Apple, Cardamom
Hydropower: – According to survey reports the potential is 30,000MW (2001 Estimate)

Population (Data from 2005)
Total: 634982
Male: 333595
Female: 301387
City Population: 30.9 percent
Population density
16 persons per sq kilometers
GDP (2000) US $ 712.8

Drukpa sect of Kargyupa, a limb of Mahayan Buddhist and Hinduism

Racial collection
As Bhutan has many language groups and community, the nation is composed of 2 broad ethnic peoples. The Drukpas, who are Mongoloid and of the Buddhist faith, make up 80 % of the total people, People of Nepalese origin having Hindi faith covers 20 percent

The official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha, International language English is the medium of instruction in secular schools and Choekey is used in traditional and monastic schools.

Ngultrum (Nu.) –per with the Indian Rupee.
100 Chelturm = 1 Nu
US $ 1= Nu. 48 Approximately

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