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Adventure Discovery has currently providing the volunteer opportunities in the country sides of Nepal. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs. This will give you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Nepal and while doing so gain an in depth experience of the country and its culture, that will stay with you the rest of your life.

Our Volunteering Programs

Teaching English: English is the international language and it is becoming more and more of a required skill for job placement, educational advancement and future success. Volunteers who wish to teach in Nepal will be teaching in an adult literacy school. The students are adults with varying degrees of proficiency in English. Those who wish to volunteer on a long term basis (two months or longer) will have the option of teaching children in a government school. This option is not available during exams or long holidays. To teach English at a Nepali school you don’t need any formal teaching qualifications. You will however, need a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of initiative, determination, motivation and a lot of patience.

Health Education: The main focus of the health education program is prevention of health complications by way of regular basic health checks and teaching children about health, personal hygiene and sanitation. All health volunteers will be based in a children’s home and assist the health team in leading health fun days in schools and children’s homes, maintaining health records and dealing with health complications as they arise. Please note that for this program we prefer medical students or advanced degree holders. Depending on experience/qualifications, there are various roles health volunteers can undertake, however this is not a medical program and you should not expect to be performing any medical procedures.

Home Stay: This is a fantastic way to get more out of a trip to Nepal, especially if your time is short. You will be placed with a Nepali family as soon as you arrive in Nepal, and will live in a small rural village or within a city. During your home stay you will learn about all aspects of Nepali culture, lifestyle, food, and be able to attend 2 hours of language lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. As the experience will be a cultural exchange, you should also try to offer your host family some knowledge of your own home culture and customs as well. Home stay programs can only be arranged for two weeks or one month. They are best between August and December, the time when most large local festivals take place resulting in an overall more exciting experience.

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